ConCarolinas 2013: Finding Your Voice

Last weekend, I was lucky enough to be able to attend ConCarolinas.  It was my very first Con. and I fan-girled all over that hotel.  Oops…

I was also able to attend several panels from the writers at Magical Words.  That is a fabulous site, so if you have never been to it before and you want to write, what are you waiting for!?!

One panel that I attended was called “Finding Your Voice.”  This guests included Faith Hunter, David B. Coe, and Misty Massey.


I took as many notes as possible and tried to glean as much wisdom as I could from these authors.


Here is what I learned from this particular panel.

  • Voice is the tone, mood, and style that makes a piece of writing sound unique.
  • Literary voice – not usually used outside literary circles
  • Stylistic voice
    • Authorial voice – can identify the author’s work by the way they write
      • (Through our reading tastes, we develop our authorial voice.)
    • Genre voice – books have different feelings based on the genre.
    • Combo of personal style and genre influences
  • Ambient voice
    • Mood of the world you’ve created, what you’re writing.
    • Rules of the narrative are different. Characters are different.
    • Don’t write static prose. If there’s water, the prose should roll.  If it is in the Midwest, things should be long.
  • Character voice
    • The voice of your narrator.
    • Each character should sound different.
  • Tips
    • First 100 pages of the book are going to need the most work because the voice evolves.
    • Play with the voice in pieces that don’t count like short stories.  Play with the world and characters through short fiction.


This post originally appeared at in 2013


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