Review: Death’s Rival by Faith Hunter

12889903 This is a relatively spoiler free review.

From the first line – vamps don’t get sick – Faith Hunter takes Jane Yellowrock on a gritty, bloody, and suspenseful ride navigating vamp politics, brutal fights, and Beast’s longing for a mate. Readers had better buckle up before take-off because Death’s Rival is a wild ride full of twists, turns, and surprises.

In Death’s Rival, Jane is commissioned with the seemingly impossible job of taking blood from master vampires who have become physically sick after a challenge from an unknown master. The past catches up with Jane and hits her hard as she struggles with her past decisions, her kill count, and her childhood. She is saddened by those she’s lost and concerned about those she still stands to lose, including some new friends.

Overshadowing Jane’s personal demons is a vampire war, unknown assailants, and a mysterious disease threatening those she holds dear. The body count is high in this book, so get ready for a bloody adventure.

Beast fans will love the scenes where Beast takes control. Faith Hunter has perfected the shift between consciousnesses in this book, and there are some great scenes involving Beast and one of our favorite boy toys! Perhaps Beast will even find the mate she has been dreaming of…

Don’t miss this one! 

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