Review: The Lumberfox by Ava Lovelace

lumberfox-3The Lumberfox is the first self-published work by Ava Lovelace.

(Lovelace is really the indomitable Delilah S. Dawson — is that supposed to be a secret?)

It tells the story of a woman who gets stuck in the snowpocylpse of 2014 in Atlanta, GA.  She has the choice to stay trapped in her car until traffic starts to move again, try walking to find shelter, or going home with the guy who just rear-ended her car.  I bet you can guess what she chose!

When I picked this story up (it was an advance copy to review), I didn’t have any idea what to expect; however, I read this story in one sitting because I really couldn’t put it down!

I can honestly say that I have never enjoyed erotica more.  (And I am not typically much of an erotica fan.)

Here are my top five reasons that this story rocks:

1. It’s GEEKROTICA! What is not to love about Star Wars and Pride and Prejudice jokes mixed with sweet romance and steamy sex?

2. The characters. Tara and Ryon are round (and hard, but that’s another point…) characters that Ms. Ava Lovelace managed to develop in a few short pages. It is evident that they have lives outside the story, pasts that long for exploration, and personalities that make you fall in love with them as quickly as they fall in love with each other.

3. Urgency. I said I read it in one sitting, right? Well, that’s not because it’s short (it is pretty short – approximately 49 pages) but because it is written with such a sense of urgency that I couldn’t wait to see what happened next and how the story would play out.

4a.The consent. I’ve read erotica before, but I have found that sometimes (not always, of course) there is not clear consent between the characters. One might push a little *too* hard to get the other in the sack. Not with this one. There is clear and obvious consent, which makes the sex all that much better, I think.

4b. The sex. Whoo-eeee… *fans self* It’s hot but not over the top. It doesn’t try too hard to be sexy; it just is.

5. The sweetness. What girl doesn’t want the man of her dreams to romance her? Just like Tara, I love losing myself in a sweet romance. This was perfect.

I did not Wookiee out on this one, and I cannot wait to read the next one.


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