Review: Thieftaker by DB Jackson

Thieftaker300Thieftaker is the first in a new series called The Thieftaker Chronicles by D.B. Jackson, who also writes as David B. Coe.

(Side note: when people write under more than one name, I am always confused about what I should call them.  Hey you! doesn’t really seem like the best option.)

And back to the review.  This excellent first novel is set in pre-Revolutionary War Boston and stars Ethan Kaille, a thieftaker.  When I picked up this book, I had no idea what a thieftaker was and had never actually heard of thieftakers…

So, I did what any good reader, writer, or blogger would do.

I looked it up.

Evidently, thieftakers are (or were) real things in English history.  (Have I mentioned the author has a Ph.D in US History?) Thieftakers filled in where law-enforcement lacked, mostly by recovering goods that had been stolen – for a modest fee, of course.

Ethan Kaille is a thieftaker, but he’s not the only one in town. There is definitely a bit of external conflict in this book with his rival thieftaker, Sephira Pryce.  Kaille just happens to also be a conjurer, so that gives him a little bit of an advantage over Sephira and her goons.   He still manages somehow to get beaten up a lot though.

In this novel, Kaille is hired by a very rich family to recover some stolen goods…and figure out who murdered their daughter.  Murder investigation isn’t really Kaille’s thing, but he takes the job anyway.  The job eventually leads him on a search to find a very powerful and mysterious conjurer, but he must act quickly or get killed trying.

Overall, this is an amazing book.  I have always loved history, but I never was a huge fan of American history, until now.  After reading Thieftaker, I really want to go learn a little more about Colonial times and how our country went from being controlled loosely by the crown to where it is today.  Even if you don’t like history, this book is still really good.  There are smoky taverns with frothy ale, a tiny bit of romance, a heavy dose of mystery, a totally freaky ghost girl, and some wicked conjuring to keep you entertained.  Enjoy!


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