Guest Interview: Artemis Rising Productions

The Enchanted Alley would like to welcome Carrie Anne Hunt and Lindsay Archer, co-founders of Artemis Rising Productions!



Here in the Enchanted Alley, we love all things mythical, magical, and whimsical, so we thought that even though Artemis Rising is a film company, they would fit right in.  

I think we were right.

Check them out on the web, Twitter, and Facebook!

The Enchanted Alley: Artemis Rising Productions is described on the website as “Mythical, Fairytale, and Historical Journeys Caught on Film.” What has been your most successful project so far?

Carrie Anne: Currently, we are in development for our first project – a television series called Otherworld. We are thrilled with the progress so far and cannot wait to move into pre-production!

Lindsay Archer: If success is doing what you love, then certainly this is very successful.


TEA: Can you tell us a little about Otherworld?

CA: Sure! As mentioned in the previous question, OTHERWORLD is a television series that we are currently developing. The series is high fantasy and Season One will be comprised of 8 one hour episodes.

As far as the storyline? We can’t reveal too much, but here is our logline:

Two hundred years after the Great War that drove magic from the lands and split the known Worlds in half, a Princess is born, setting an ancient prophecy into motion.”

LA: If you love fantasy and fairy tales, Otherworld will enchant you. As it is still in development the story is more of a sentient being that has infected us as the writers. It keeps growing and developing in exciting new directions that surprise us as much as it will the audience.


TEA: Do you have plans to extend past film and move into other realms (writing, stage, etc.)?

CA: Between Lindsay Archer and myself, a lot gets done outside of just the producing side of things with the company.

For instance, we are both co-creators on OTHERWORLD. We have story meetings and bounce ideas back and forth for world building, plot points and characters. Then, I take those things, that we both decided on, and turn them into a script. Meanwhile, she takes those things and turns them into (pretty amazing!) concept art. We make a good team!

So, we already encompass writing, art, and producing within the company. At this time we are focusing on television and film and have not thought about branching out into stage work – but you never know what the future holds and we are certainly open to seeing where this incredible journey takes us!

LA: What she said 🙂

TEA: Where do you hope to see Artemis Rising Productions in the future?

CA: In a perfect world, we will be enjoying the success of our series and continuing to create meaningful, wonderful art to share with the World.

LA: Agreed. In addition it would be lovely to have our own studio. There are many other projects that are waiting in the wings after Otherworld that we would love to be able to sink our teeth into with a dedicated team to speed production.

TEA: How did you two decide to start this venture?

CA:When I first met Lindsay, it was during a photoshoot for her to use as reference to paint from. After that, many model sessions followed and we began to work together more frequently in that capacity. We knew we wanted to combine our talents and work together on other types of projects, but did not fully pursue the idea until last year. Lindsay had a short story that she thought would make a good film with a role that would be perfect for me to play. We sat down and looked at the short story and …well … it grew and grew and grew. And now it is something completely different, that is growing upwards farther than we ever imagined. It’s very exciting!

LA: We really bonded on set when my daughter played Carrie Anne’s daughter in a movie. She soon became the fairy godmother to my child. Knowing how talented Carrie Anne is, I wanted to work with her on a web series. We work well together, and after sharing the story ideas that I had with her, it melded what she wanted to do with the vision that I had for a series. Quickly it grew and evolved into so much more. When we both get into that synergistic mode of creation, it’s a magical thing to behold.

TEA: How do your personal strengths work together to make a fully functional business with only two of you?

CA: Lindsay is really good at visually realizing something through artwork, and I think my background as an actress really helps with the visualizing through words in a script. Combined, those skills give us a powerhouse presentation. Also, I’m really good at networking and have a solid base of industry knowledge from being immersed in television and film for the past 10 years, so that’s definitely a strength of mine. Lindsay has way more of an attention span than me and is always a great source for research on various time periods in history and how we can integrate those things into our script. I feel like we work together really well – sometimes we even share a brain and visualize the same thing at the same time, right down to the color! This happened recently and we were highly amused.

LA: Indeed, we balance each other in a lot of ways, and we don’t always agree on everything. That’s a good thing, because half the time we rework a section with something even better than either of us imagined previously. It raises the bar. When we do “share a brain” it’s pretty awesome.

TEA: How does it feel to take something that you’ve always been passionate about and make it come to life?

CA: Amazing!

LA: Exciting!

TEA: What is your favorite mythical or fairytale creature?

CA: Just ONE? I love them all! Ha! Mermaids, Faeries, Unicorns… even a few of the goblins (you know, the little misfit nice ones…)

LA: I favor equines (Unicorn, Pegasus, etc) and dragons

TEA: What is your favorite bedtime story?

CA:My Mom used to read me these two books, one was called “Fuzzy Rabbit” and the other one was called “Peabody” … they were both about well-loved stuffed animals. I had an extensive collection of them, so I used to snuggle in with some of my favorites and listen to the stories. I still have the copy of “Fuzzy Rabbit” that my Mom used to read to me. Having recently lost her, it has become invaluable.

LA: My mother read the Chronicles of Narnia to me as a little girl, and I’ve always loved them. I look forward to reading them to my own daughter.

TEA:What is your favorite period from history?

CA:Another hard question! I love almost every time period, but I think my favorite to watch films and read books about is Medieval and Renaissance. Though, I love ancient Greece and Rome as well

LA: Yes… I love history, anything prior to the 1900s. Medieval Studies are a favorite, which often lead back into Rome and its effects on Europe. It emphasizes that times change, but people really don’t.

TEA: Favorite book?

CA:Probably The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho. It is a profound and beautiful book, one that I could not put down and that has stuck with me for some time.

LA: One? I love many books for many very different reasons. I just finished reading “Skin Game” by Jim Butcher, the newest in the Dresden Series which is an amazing fast paced series. But a favorite? It’s hard to say when so many are part of a greater series.

TEA: How can people support your projects?

CA: There are a few great ways that you can get involved and help out, if you would like to. One way, of course, is to donate – we will be starting the fundraising process soon and are looking for private investors as well as looking into crowd funding.

Another way to donate, is to do a trade services with us. For instance, if you are a costumer with a warehouse full of costumes that would fit into our world and wanted to rent or donate some to us in exchange for promotion of your work, we would love that!

Otherwise, just like us on FB and Twitter and share the magic with your friends!



Twitter: @ArtemisRisingPR

LA: Share the experience, posts, tweets, and of course if you happen to know someone with a castle that wouldn’t mind letting us borrow it for a few days.

TEA: Does anyone have a castle for these lovely ladies?  🙂



Thank you all for dropping by the Enchanted Alley!  We loved having you!


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