Review: Shadowman: Follow Me Boy by Delilah S. Dawson

Shadowman-Cover2I have never read (or even heard of) the Shadowman comics before I read Follow Me Boy, but I was a huge fan of Delilah S. Dawson.   In fact, I still am a huge fan, and I might even have to go pick up the comics after reading her most recent release.

Follow Me Boy is a Kindle Worlds novella set in the world of the Shadowman comic.  It’s far different from anything of hers that I have read before, but it is equally as wonderful.  Dawson weaves a frightening story with description so rich that the reader is simply transported into the world of the story.  Just from reading the prologue to the story, I was immersed in the world she weaved.  And I was scared as hell.

The story opens with an adrenaline rush inducing scene that I could easily see being translated to the big screen.   Then the reader is transported back to the present day and the real story begins.  The moment the putrid vial of liquid is shoved into Alyssa’s hand in the French Quarter, the story takes off at breathtaking momentum.  Allow yourself to be enchanted by the vivid descriptions and mesmerized by the voodoo power.  You’ll never be the same once you hear the whisper of Follow Me Boy.



This post originally appeared at in 2013


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