Review: Tassels of Terror

13354783John Hartness is one of those authors that I kind of want to be like when I grow up (I’m 32…but that’s another post).  There’s definitely a lot  I can learn from him.  John has several things going all at one time.  He has self published a slew of hilarious works.  My favorite of all his works is Genesis.  He also writes poetry, is active in the Charlotte theater circuit, and has a really funny YouTube series called Literate Liquors.   He does tons of other stuff, but I’ll stop there at risk of starting to sound too much like a fangirl.  Check out his website if you want to know more.

On to the review…

“Tassels of Terror” is a short story set in the Bubba the Monster Hunter world.  Bubba is a big ole dude (sort of akin to Larry the Cable Guy) who goes after the bad guys.  He’s also employed by the Catholic Church.  In this short, he is investigating a murder at a strip joint.  Oh, there’s a stripper missing too.  I won’t give away any plot points, but I will say that the humor is laugh out loud funny, as to be expected with this series.  It’s a quick read (about 22 pages according to Amazon), but it has a nice building of action and resolution both mixed with funny quips and zinging one liners.  If you’re looking for a funny, quick read, I suggest “Tassels of Terror.”  Also, the way these are written, you don’t really need to have read his other Bubba the Monster Hunter stories to understand and appreciate it.


This post originally appeared at in 2013


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