Review: Thieves’ Quarry by DB Jackson


Travel back in time with Thieves’ Quarry by DB Jackson

The Enchanted Alley’s Review

When Thieves’ Quarry released, I was one of the first in line. I couldn’t wait to find out what Ethan, Diver, Sephira, and Kannice had been up to while I had been gone.

As it turns out, a lot has happened.  There are new conjurers in town, Sephira has acquired a new weapon to use against Ethan, and the British are coming!  (Corny, I know…)  The story really begins when Ethan is woken by a strong conjuring, but he’s not entirely sure if he dreamed it or if it really happened.  From there, he begins to investigate, making some unlikely alliances along the way.  Big changes are on the horizon, not only for Ethan Kaille but for Boston as well.

This book, the second in the series, has a much more oppressive and, frankly, creepy tone than the first book.  Readers could easily pick up this book and enjoy it without having read Thieftakerbut those readers wouldn’t understand the weight of some of the decisions that Kaille has had to make, decisions that haunt him perhaps even more than the mysterious deaths aboard the Graystone.

Thieves’ Quarry is one of those books that I read again and again, not only for the excellent writing and world building, but for the complexity of the story as well.  Even when I know the “aha” of the book, I re-read and still find new clues buried in the prose that I didn’t see before.

Well done, sir.  Well done.

From DB Jackson’s website:

Autumn has come to New England, and with it a new threat to the city of Boston. British naval ships have sailed into Boston Harbor bearing over a thousand of His Majesty King George III’s soldiers. After a summer of rioting and political unrest, the city is to be occupied.

Ethan Kaille, thieftaker and conjurer, is awakened early in the morning by a staggeringly powerful spell, a dark conjuring of unknown origin. Before long, he is approached by representatives of the Crown. It seems that every man aboard the HMS Graystone has died, though no one knows how or why. They know only that there is no sign of violence or illness. Ethan soon discovers that one soldier — a man who is known to have worked with Ethan’s beautiful and dangerous rival, Sephira Pryce — has escaped the fate of his comrades and is not among the Graystone’s dead. Is he the killer, or is there another conjurer loose in the city, possessed of power sufficient to kill so many with a single dark casting?

Ethan, the missing soldier, and Sephira Pryce and her henchmen all scour the city in search of a stolen treasure which seems to lie at the root of all that is happening. At the same time, though, Boston’s conjurers are under assault from the royal government as well as from the mysterious conjurer. Men are dying. Ethan is beaten, imprisoned, and attacked with dark spells.

And if he fails to unravel the mystery of what befell the Graystone, every conjurer in Boston will be hanged as a witch. Including him.

Quarry300Essential Info

Title:  Thieves’ Quarry

Author: DB Jackson

Publisher: Tor Books

Length: 320 pages

Price: $7.69 Kindle $19.29 Hardcover

Release Date: July 2, 2013

Amazon Link: Buy it HERE


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