Book Review: A Plunder of Souls by DB Jackson

About the book, from DB Jackson’s website:

Boston, Province of Massachusetts Bay, July 13, 1769

New England is in the throes of a sweltering summer. The distant rumble of thunder offers the promise of rain, but the air remains still, oppressive, rank. And an outbreak of small pox has thrown the town of Boston into panic. The distemper is spreading through the streets; people are dying.

Ethan Kaille, thieftaker and conjurer, does his best to keep himself and those he loves safe from the disease while scratching out a living. But with British soldiers still occupying the city, and his beautiful and dangerous rival in thieftaking, Sephira Pryce, dogging his every move, a bit of coin comes hard. Still, when Ethan is asked by the congregation of King’s Chapel to investigate a series of grave desecrations, he refuses payment. The souls of the dead are being disturbed for ill purpose, and Ethan will not profit from it.

Before long, Ethan realizes that the grave robberies have not been committed by ghoulish thieves. Rather, they are the work of a powerful conjurer, one who is mutilating corpses, gathering an army of wraiths, and, through his foul trespass, directing his spells and his scheming at Ethan himself.

Worse, this conjurer is known to Ethan: a vengeful, twisted enemy from his past, who has found a way to enhance his own conjuring abilities while denying other conjurers access to their spellmaking powers. More in need of his conjuring talents than ever before, Ethan finds himself unable to cast, unable to fight, unable to defend himself.

The Enchanted Alley’s Review

Since reading Thieftaker, I have developed extremely high expectations of DB Jackson’s work. I expect a compelling story, character development and depth, magic with consequences, and puzzle to solve. So far, I have never been disappointed.

A Plunder of Souls is the third novel in the series, and I highly recommend reading them in order to fully understand the impact of the events of the novel and the relationships between the characters, particularly as those relationships shift and evolve..Throughout the story, readers get to know some characters much better than they had before, and the characters also come to understand one another in a different way as well.

A Plunder of Souls is the darkest, most violent, and most treacherous novel in the series yet. Ethan Kaille faces an opponent that readers have met before, but the opponent now may be unstoppable. He has done the unimaginable, and Ethan has to try to fix it.

This is a book that you do not want to miss.

The next book, titled Dead Man’s Reach, comes out Summer 2015. I can’t wait.


Title:  A Plunder of Souls

Author: DB Jackson

Publisher: Tor

Length: 336 pages

Release Date: July 8, 2014

Amazon Link: Buy it HERE


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