Audiobook Review: Unlucky by Cynthia St. Aubin


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Accused of stealing gold from an infamous Irish street gang, paranormal psychologist Matilda Schmidt will die in exactly five days if she doesn’t cough it up – guilty or not. With minutes ticking away and her office overrun by a leprechaun who’s loopier than he is lucky, Matilda makes a deal with a demigod – give him one night in her bed and he’ll help her locate the missing gold.

But when Matilda’s recent one-night stand shows up with inside information about the heist she’s being framed for, she finds herself caught between a hit man and a demigod both offering to protect her – if they don’t kill each other first.

If Matilda’s luck doesn’t change soon, death might be the only thing waiting for her at the end of the rainbow.

The Enchanted Alley’s Review

We reviewed the paperback version of Unlucky a while back, but thanks to the lovely Cynthia St. Aubin, we had the opportunity to review the audiobook version as well, and what a treat!

You can read our review of the story here.

Today’s review will focus on Hollie Jackson, the talented narrator for this book. St. Aubin creates hilarious characters, and Jackson does an absolutely amazing job of bringing those various characters to life. I am sure the outtakes for these have to be hilarious. I know I couldn’t narrate them without falling into a puddle of laughter. Jackson’s ability to switch between characters is remarkable, and her general narration is clear and easy to follow.

I laughed all the way through the story when I read it on the page; however, adding the narration gave it a life I never expected. I will definitely pick up more audiobooks in this series.

5 Lamps

Enchanted Rating: 5


Essential Info:

Title:  Unlucky (from The Case Files of Dr. Matilda Schmidt) 

Author: Cynthia St. Aubin

Narrator: Hollie Jackson

Publisher: Cynthia St. Aubin

Listening Time: 3 hours, 3 minutes

Release Date: March 25, 2016

Audible Link: Buy it HERE



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